Prepping For Your Infusion

Arrive on time to your appointment.

• Due to the time-sensitive nature of preparing this medication and scheduling patients, you must arrive on time for your appointment.

• If you are late, your appointment will be cancelled.

When you arrive:

• Park in an open parking space in the parking lot in the FRONT of the building on top of the hill

• Remain in your car and call 231-252-0893. Inform the staff of the color and make of your car

• Wait for Novello staff to come and escort you from your car to the clinic (DO NOT enter the building on your own)

• You will be required to put on a Novello Infusion issued mask before entering

Please plan on a total time in the clinic of 3 hours.

• Your medication is prepared at Novello once you arrive

• The medication will be given over approximately 30 minutes

• You will be monitored for 1 hour after the infusion is complete

     o You must remain in the clinic during this time

     o Please bring a book and/or electronic device if you desire

No visitors will be allowed to accompany you

• Due to very limited space in our infusion center rooms, we will not be able to allow any visitors to accompany you during your treatment.

• Only in certain extenuating circumstances will patients be allowed to have a visitor/support person o Pediatric patients may be allowed one parent/guardian (Support persons essential to the care of the patient and for those with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, cognitive impairments, behavioral concerns, and/or special communication needs.)


• Please make every effort to attend your scheduled appointment

• If you must cancel your appointment, please call 231-252-0893 to speak to a Novello staff member.


• BUILDING “F” – last building at top of hill in Copper Ridge Complex

• GPS may take you to the parking garage in the back of the building – do not park here

• Go around the building to the top of the hill and park in the front parking lot

• Park in an open parking space. Call 231-252-0893 and inform staff of color and make of care

• If you do not receive a call from Novello, please call 231-252-0893 to schedule your appointment