Physician FAQs

How does a provider refer a patient to Novello Infusion?

Novello Infusion takes pride in making the referral process as simple as possible for the referring provider.  By following the referral process, it will assure your patient has everything in place for prompt treatment.

Insurance regulations as well as patient safety requires that all information outlined in our process is included in the referral.

Is prior authorization required for referring a patient to Novello Infusion?

Most of the therapies that are provided at Novello require a Prior Authorization (PA) from the insurance company.  Novello Infusion cannot request the PA, and this must be done by the referring provider.  Therapy cannot begin until Novello Infusion receives a copy of the PA covering the infusion drug and location of care. 

The referring provider will need to include the following information in the PA Request:

NOTE: PA is requested under the patient’s Medical Benefit

  • Novello Infusion
    4290 Copper Ridge Dr., Suite 130
    Traverse City, MI  49684-7256
  • NPI: 1558949511
  • Phone: (231) 252-0893
  • Fax: (231) 600-7058

What can a provider expect of communication with Novello Infusion?

  1. Novello Infusion will confirm that referral was received.
  2. A thorough insurance verification will be done.
  3. The patient will be contacted by Novello Infusion staff, then will do the following:
  • Inform the patient of their coverage details including anticipated copay and out of pocket costs.
  • Assist the patient with signing up for copay assistance program if necessary.
  • Inform the patient of any additional issues that must be resolved before treatment (i.e.: PA).
  • Schedule the patient’s initial infusion visit.
  1. Patient will come to their first Novello Infusion appointment.
  • Novello Infusion will perform a full assessment prior to each infusion.
  • Novello Infusion will perform lab work, if indicated, and results will be sent to the physician.
  • Novello Infusion will perform infusion treatment.
  • Novello Infusion will monitor the patient throughout infusion per drug protocol.
  • Novello Infusion will electronically document the treatment process.
  • Novello Infusion will send a copy of the treatment note to the physician’s office within 24 to 48 hours of infusion. This note will include:
    • Date & time of treatment
    • Dose number if indicated (such as week 0, 2, 6 loading dose)
    • All aspects of general assessment as well as full details of infusion
    • Full assessment of body system being treated to support effectiveness of therapy
    • Date of next planned infusion treatment
  • Novello Infusion will set a follow up infusion appointment prior to the patient leaving the infusion center to help assure compliance with therapy regimen.
  • Provider will be notified by Novello Infusion staff if any issues arise with assessment, treatment, or if the patient misses an appointment. 

What documents are required when referring a patient to Novello Infusion?

Please review the referral information located here.